#1 Rated Easy Walk Harness at Paw Five.com

#1 Rated Easy Walk Harness at Paw Five.com

January 22, 2021

If your dog is constantly pulling on the leash during those walks then you'll want to get an easy walk harness.

The Paw Five CORE-1 easy walk harness gently trains your dog to stop pulling on the leash. This is the ultimate tool to get your walks back on track. The CORE-1 harness comes in 5 majestic colors: Sky blue, leaf green, lava red, diamond pink and stealth black.

The harness features a durable outer shell that shields against wear and tear. It is also good at shielding from the outdoor elements. Memory foam is used for the core of the harness to increase comfort and mold to your dog's body. For the liner we have a silky smooth nylon that decreases rashes and chafing.

The adjustable chest and girth straps guarantee a perfect fit and the utmost comfort. When you need total control of your dog, use the control handle that is located at the back of the harness. This control handle is conveniently placed for quick and easy access. The handle is also padded to ensure a sturdy grip at all times. Whenever you're in need of a waste bag to pick up your dog's poop, just tear one off from the built-in poop bag dispenser. This innovative dispenser holds and dispenses any standard roll of pet waste bags.

This harness is built to be durable. The snap buckle can withstand up to 100 kilograms of pressure. The D-ring for leash attachment is welded shut so it will not come apart. A reflective belt and all around reflective stitching enhances safety for early morning and late evening walks when the environment is dim.

If you're looking for the ultimate easy walk harness that gets walks back on track then get the CORE-1 harness.