Paw Five Custom Pillow Manufacturing Process

I suppose you know that you’re a crazy dog person when you decide that you need a huggable version of your dog for the times when your dog isn’t actually around to be hugged. But here at Paw Five we crossed that line a long time ago. (*Ahem: buying a new car to fit our dog, moving apartments to fit our dog, sending our dog to day camp in Upstate NY, starting a business all about dogs… All true stories. :))

photo (12)


This is Jack and Serenity, our original office pups in NYC. Jack, Serenity and our other office pups are in charge of testing all of the treats and toys. We ruv them… A lot. And that’s where the pillows come in.


To start, we'll need a high-res image of your dog. This is really important if you want your image to print well on the fabric. Then, in Photoshop, we use the lasso tool to cut out your pup and feather the edges.


Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 6.10.05 PM